About Us

Buckle up, it's story time! 

My name is Thomas (Owner). My best friend from the military (Cody) thought about this idea of a company we wanted to start many years ago. We both served in the Army. We got really serious while we were deployed into the Middle East and started planning what this whole thing would look like. Both of us were rotating in and out of different countries from Kuwait, mostly a neighboring country. At one point we were both in Kuwait for a little while so we sat down and started looking for some people that could design a logo for us. We found some people and they started doing rough drafts after we explained what we wanted. To be honest, the first few absolutely sucked. Then, after a pretty lengthy conversation, some horrible sketching, and a couple more meetings, they came back to us with the logo we have today. As soon as they turned the computer around, our faces lit up and we both knew that was the one. After that, we got kinda serious, or, as serious as you can be with absolutely no future planning at all. We made a website, Facebook page, and all that. We worked on it hard for a week and then decided that we would pick it up when we returned home. Long story short, we didn't. 

Fast forward to now. We are both out of the military, I'm living in Nebraska working as a manager and Cody is working in Texas at a chemical plant and owns a small business as well. While surfing YouTube, (my favorite activity) I came across some videos about shopify, so I watched them. This gave me the urge to dive back into this, but to do so with a plan and to actually put action to starting this thing off. So here we are! My ultimate goal here is to create a community of outdoor enthusiasts to discuss topics, adventures, and harvests while representing a brand that truly means something. I want to be pretty straight forward. I can't do this alone. I'm going to need help by word of mouth, invites, sharing, or any other thing you can do to help grow this community. Below, I'll include some important questions I have asked myself on where I truly want this to go. 


So what is Grunters Outdoors mission statement? 

Our goal is to provide a good quality product to our fans and community while growing a community that is passionate about the outdoors. 


What products are planned to sell?

I'm starting with basic apparel. Things such as hats, shirts, polos, etc. I absolutely plan to start to build this and move more into the gear side of things. That would include duck calls, hunting packs, hunting clothing, and thing that we would all use in the field.