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Grunters Outdoors

Lead-Free Round Jig Head

Lead-Free Round Jig Head

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***These items are made with traditional lead molds. Since they are made from bismuth, there is a chance for 5% variance lighter than traditional lead molds.***

Hook: Eagle Claw 570

Introducing Grunters Outdoors Round Ball Jig Head – the ultimate fishing accessory that will take your fishing game to the next level! Designed with precision and crafted to perfection, this round ball jig head is here to revolutionize the way you fish.


Equipped with a sharp, premium quality hook, the Grunters Outdoors Round Ball Jig Head ensures excellent hooking and holding capability. You can rely on it to securely catch and keep your prized fish. Whether it's bass, trout, walleye, or any other game fish, this jig head is ideal for enticing them to bite.


The Grunters Outdoors Round Ball Jig Head comes in a variety of sizes and weights, allowing you to customize your fishing experience. Whether you prefer a lighter jig head for finesse fishing or a heavier one for deep-water casting, we have the perfect option for you. With this jig head, you'll have the flexibility to adapt to different fishing conditions and target various depths.


Don't let another fishing trip go by without the Grunters Outdoors Round Ball Jig Head by your side. Get ready to revolutionize your fishing experience with its incredible features and unmatched performance. Upgrade your tackle box today and see the difference it makes in your catch rate. Cast your line, reel in the big ones, and make every fishing adventure a success with the Grunters Outdoors Round Ball Jig Head!




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