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Lead-free Egg Sinkers (Packs of 9)

Lead-free Egg Sinkers (Packs of 9)

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These sinkers are made out of Bismuth. Sinkers are made in traditional lead molds, which means they are the same size as normal lead sinkers. True weight will be slightly less than lead and are listed below:

1/8- .1 Oz

1/4- .2 Oz

3/8- .35 Oz

1/2- .45 Oz

3/4- .7 Oz

Introducing our handmade lead-free egg sinkers! These sinkers are carefully crafted using high-quality materials to provide anglers with a reliable and eco-friendly fishing experience. Here is a detailed description of our lead-free egg sinkers:

1. Material: Our sinkers are made from non-toxic and lead-free materials, ensuring the safety of both the angler and the environment. We prioritize using eco-friendly materials without compromising on functionality.

2. Handmade Craftsmanship: Each sinker is meticulously handmade by individually to ensure top notch quality. 

3. Versatile Usage: Our egg sinkers are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. They can be used in various fishing setups. 

4. Effective Weight Distribution: The streamlined shape and weight distribution of the sinkers provide excellent stability and control. This allows for accurate casting and improved bait presentation, ensuring that your fishing efforts are optimized.

5. Durable Construction: Our sinkers are built to withstand the rigors of fishing trips, resisting corrosion and sustaining long-lasting performance. The materials used in their construction are carefully selected for their durability, ensuring they remain reliable for many fishing adventures to come.

6. Environmentally Friendly: By opting for lead-free sinkers, you are contributing to the preservation of aquatic ecosystems. Lead contamination poses significant risks to fish and other wildlife. By using our lead-free sinkers, you can fish with peace of mind knowing that you are reducing your ecological footprint.


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